TRAM NGUYEN | Architectural Technician



1. What is your favourite food? Vietnamese food in general

2. Who is your favourite Architect / Designer? Antoni Gaudí

3. What do you love most about the design profession? It could simply help to bring people together or make the connection between human beings and environment more meaningful

4. What professional skill do you most admire in someone? Managerial skill. A manager that can be strict but also funny and has a sense of humour at the same time.

5. What’s your favourite building and/or landscape design? Taj Mahal. I really like the love story behind it. Come meet me to know about the whole story if you’re interested.

6. What would you like to do that you haven’t yet? Become a professional photographer.

7. What place is on your bucket list to travel to? Japan. I like Japanese minimalist architecture, and I also admire most typical characteristics of Japanese people.

8. What super power do you wish you had? Talking and understanding animals. I had a dream in which I could talk with a dolphin and ride it several times.

9. What is your hobby? Playing soccer, taking photos, travelling, reading books, and so on… My list will be an A4 page long.

10. What’s your favourite T.V show? Prison break and Game of thrones.

11. What is your ‘spirit animal’? According to the internet, my ‘spirit animal’ is a deer, but I think I’m more a dog person.

12. How would your friends describe you? New colleagues said I am sweet, I don’t know…

13. If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be? If I could, I would love to witness the story of Totto Chan from a book named “Totto Chan – The little girl at the window” that I read last year. This book is about a little girl Totto Chan who was refused to attend a public school in Japan in late 1930s because her teacher thought that she reacted badly to everything. Her mother found Totto Chan a new school where her freedom could be permitted and that was also where little Chan met her amazing headmaster together with other special friends. Children learnt everything with fun, freedom and love in that ideal school. Unfortunately, the school was bombed during World War II and was never rebuilt.

This school, pupils and the headmaster made a strong impression to me so that is the only event of the past I wish I could witness.

14.  What movie can you watch over and over again? Tom and Jerry