Situated on Redbank Plains Road in Bellbird Park, the Samoan Independent Seventh Day Adventist Church has been designed to provide a place of worship and space for recreational activities in keeping with their strong sense of community spirit.

The church hall accommodates a seated congregation of three hundred and features a proscenium stage and baptismal pool. The sports hall, linked to the church by a central two-storey service and administration 'wedge', features a flexible timber floored space with two volleyball courts that can be transformed into a competition size basketball court. The sports hall also doubles as a functions hall with a stage, kitchen and associated storage areas.

While the church hall is air-conditioned, large sliding doors shaded by deep verandahs are located along the lengths of both sidewalls to provide natural cross ventilation. For most months of the year, these doors remain open, with air-conditioning used only during hot summer months. With a priority placed on sustainability, the sports hall utilises large banks of louvres reinforced with a series of roof turbo vents to provide an appropriate environment for sports all year round. Landscaping was also an important consideration in this development, with native plants offering shade and colour across the grounds and a new play area added to cater for younger members of the growing congregation.


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