Saltwater on Stradbroke overlooks the idyllic Frenchman’s Beach to the north and Main Beach to the south on Stradbroke Island. The boutique shopping precinct with apartments above replaced two rundown units, one shop and two asbestos shacks, and has been the catalyst for the redevelopment of this popular tourist destination.

Capturing the character of the coastal location the design comprises four shops at street level with five apartments above, separated by a concrete podium to protect residents from noise and fire. The shops below form a sheltered forecourt to shield from strong southeasterly winds, and dramatic sail structures and large relocated Pandanus Palms provide shade to create a climatically-appealing northeastern outdoor dining space.

The chevron-shaped apartments span two levels providing panoramic views of both Frenchman’s Beach and Main Beach. The two arms are connected by an open stairwell, which transmits light through skylights filtering down from the upper living areas into the bathrooms and bedrooms below. Car parking and storage facilities are located at the rear of the building.


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