Resorts and Tourism

With tourism being one of Australia's most important and most competitive industries, resorts and hotels need to become more sustainable, efficient and innovative to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment and enhance guest experience.

Passionate about sustainable resort and hotel design, Guymer Bailey Architects, Landscape, and Interiors create unique holiday destinations that are inspired by the surrounding landscape and sensitive to the environment.

With extensive experience in designing functional, flexible and fun leisure spaces including golf courses, pools, shopping precincts, health clubs, restaurants, conference spaces and kids club areas, we can help you provide memorable travel experiences that will see guests return time and time again.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t, and having a firm grasp on the likes and dislikes of holiday goers, our creative and methodical approach to design successfully balances business and service efficiency, sustainability and visitor experience, with every project incorporating:

  • The use of a simple, limited colour palette that reflects your brand identity in a clean and stylish way to ensure a high-end appearance that doesn’t date

  • Floor plan design that enhances visitor experience, maximises operational efficiency, allows for significant storage and creates good circulation routes for servicing, guests and staff

  • Sustainable initiatives to decrease operational costs and minimise environmental impact by maximising natural light and ventilation and where possible utilising low energy embodied materials and sustainable construction materials. We also look at ways to capture water, treat black water, increase local flora, and generate power to produce significant savings and environmental benefits over time

  • A resort experience that is unique to both the brand and location, reinforcing to visitors where they are and providing opportunities to learn about and interact with the local environment  

Since our founding project, the multi-award winning Kingfisher Bay Resort, renowned for its ground-breaking sustainability initiatives, we have continued to push the boundaries of design and create beautiful and unique holiday destinations for over 25 years.