With life becoming increasingly busy our homes provide us with a much-needed sanctuary, a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, allowing us to have areas of rest, relaxation, entertainment and disruption-free work and study time.

Understanding the environment we live in can impact our health, wellbeing and the way we see ourselves and the world around us, Guymer Bailey Architects takes genuine delight in getting to know each of our clients, combining their wants, needs, ideas and aspirations with our design nous to bring their dream home to life.

Our collaborative, client-focused approach, combined with nearly three decades experience in delivering award-winning, beautiful, functional and sustainable residential designs, has given us the opportunity to work on small and large residential projects with now multigenerational clients. 

To ensure we design a home you'll love coming home to, our experienced team of architects and designers ensure each residential project incorporates:

  • Comprehensive briefing to determine desired lifestyle and outcomes as well as consistent, regular communication over the course of the design process to avoid costly changes during construction

  • Unique designs that consider the local climate, building orientation and individual tastes and needs

  • Durable, high-quality building materials to increase the longevity of buildings and minimise maintenance

  • Ideal floor plan options to make sure indoor and outdoor areas are well positioned and prioritised to achieve the desired lifestyle

  • Sustainable initiatives (where budget allows) to lower running costs by maximising natural light and ventilation, using energy efficient glazing and devices, and capturing water

  • Connection to the environment by creating a continuous flow between indoor and outdoor areas as well as the greater surrounding landscape

  • Future flexibility to ensure spaces can be used in different ways throughout different life stages

Working collaboratively with Guymer Bailey Landscape and Guymer Bailey Interiors, we can provide a fully integrated approach to the design of your property to create a home that not only meets but exceeds expectations.