Pools and Sporting Facilities

With sports being at the heart of Australian culture, sporting and aquatic facilities provide unique opportunities for people of all ages to socialise, learn, spectate and compete, promoting health and wellbeing and a sense of fun and enjoyment throughout the wider community.

Having decades of experience in designing, renovating and master planning flexible, cost-effective and robust community infrastructure, Guymer Bailey brings cutting edge insight into key design factors that reduce running costs and maintenance and increase revenue and operational efficiency, bringing best practice to every project.  

Knowing sports are synonymous with excellence and generate fun and positive experiences for spectators and participants, we approach the design of pools, sporting facilities and leisure architecture, in the same way, merging fitness with entertainment to create more memorable and exciting experiences for users.

When designing each pool and sporting facility our expert team considers the following: 

  • Durable, hardwearing materials that can withstand extremely cohesive aquatic environments and avoid corrosion and decay

  • Exposed detailing and connections to allow for regular inspections, visual monitoring and maintenance

  • Sustainable measures to decrease operational costs and minimise environmental impact through the use of natural light, ventilation and energy-efficient building services

  • User safety maintaining good sight lines to aid staff surveillance and preventing slips and trips

  • Integrating advice from specialist aquatic engineers into the base building cohesively

  • Climate control to ensure efficient use of heating and cooling inside with shading and shelters outside for all-weather use

  • Flexible designs with the ability to open or close up aquatic spaces depending on the need

  • Customer enjoyment and interaction designing fun, desirable and comfortable recreational spaces, facilities and landscapes that enhance the sporting experience

  • Connection to the environment providing a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, connecting to the surrounding landscape

  • Sporting and recreational capacity for the community, designing for both current and future needs

Looking at national and international precedents and talking extensively to owners and operators, our ability to research and implement findings and feedback into the design process has enabled us to successfully deliver a wide range of sport and leisure projects including large scale aquatic centres, shoreline public pools and varied sporting facilities.