Located in the coastal suburb of Mudjimba next to large sporting fields, the North Shore Community Centre caters for a wide range of community activities and events. Commissioned by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Guymer Bailey Landscape created a stylish, multi-functional and ecologically sustainable landscape design that allows the Centre’s activities to be its centre-point.

One of the key features of the design is an access pathway that forms an axis through both the building and landscape, providing safe and comfortable access for all visitors to the Centre. This pathway connects the Centre’s indoor facilities to the many outdoor spaces, including shaded seating areas, a forum space with a stage platform, a children’s playground and a community display garden with raised planters.

With a focus on sustainability, we designed the landscape to include three key ecologically sustainable initiatives. Carpark areas capture and direct stormwater runoff through bioretention swales to filter pollutants, roof water is captured for irrigation, garden maintenance and toilet-flushing, and lastly, the landscape is adorned using a local native plant palette that is both climatic and contextually appropriate.


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