Located in Northgate Brisbane, Tthe Grand Ideas showroom, located in Northgate Brisbane,  has been designed to express the owner’s unique and creative approach the owners have to recycling building materials and objects.  Set in a home with the showroom on the lower floor and a residence above, Guymer Bailey Architects collaborated with the clients to design an artistic, flexible and inviting showroom, with storage space and a café.

Following the recycling theme, a shipping container was used for the café, which added to the existing industrial streetscape. Items such as gantry conveyor rails from old abattoirs, screens from the left over sheets of punched auto parts, old storage boxes, and numerous gathered objects were incorporated into the building.  For the architectural team, the project presented exciting decorating opportunities, with owners Paul and Christine finding new recycled products and constructing a variety of interesting details, screens and cladding.

Having such a range of uses on a constrained site presented town planning and fire separation challenges, though we were able to work through these successfully to create a building that is open, connected and innovative – just like its owners.


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