With the cost of living increasing, for many Australians, the dream of owning a home in the suburbs has been replaced with the desire of owning an inner city or coastal apartment that offers the benefits of an urban living without the high price tag of residential land.

But as the amount of multi-residential developments rise, the need for developers to differentiate through design, be innovative with layouts and fast track the planning and Development Approval (DA) process is becoming increasingly important to ensure the timely completion, profitability and quick sale and letting of apartments and townhouses.

Having extensive experience in designing multi-residential dwellings as well as resorts, hotels and leisure architecture, Guymer Bailey Architects know how to hasten the planning and approval process and create residences that address both the desires and frustrations of residents and owners.

Balancing operational efficiency, sustainability and quality of living with beautiful architectural, landscape and interior design, our expert team ensures each multi-residential project we work on considers the following elements:

Our expert team ensures each multi-residential project we design considers the following elements:

  • Early feasibility studies to provide insight into the number of apartment numbers or multiple dwellings that can be achieved on site

  • Early coordination and clear communication with the sub-consultants to minimise variations at a later date

  • Durable, hardwearing building materials to increase the longevity of buildings, prevent damage and enhance the security and safety of residents

  • Floor plan for desired living, maximum operational efficiency and good circulation routes for the easy movement and evacuation of residents, staff and maintenance crews

  • Sustainable initiatives to decrease operational costs and minimise environmental impact by maximising natural light and ventilation, capturing water, increasing local fauna and where possible utilising low energy embodied materials and sustainable construction materials

  • Unique designs that consider the local climate and building orientation with the use of a simple, stylish colour palette that ensures a long-lasting, striking building appearance

Over the last 25 years, Guymer Bailey Architects have had the opportunity to design a wide range of multi-residential projects across Australia including two, four and six-pack apartment blocks through to mid-rise towers.