The Mistere Spa and Retreat Crescent Bay is located on the Tasman Peninsula, approximately 75km from Hobart on the East Coast of Tasmania. In alignment with the Mistere brand, the remote retreat has been designed to immerse guests in a luxurious Tasmanian wilderness experience, offering a stunning vantage point of the rugged Tasmanian coastline with views to Tasman Island, Cape Raoul, Cape Pillar, and out to the Tasman Sea.

Taking inspiration from the natural elements of Crescent Bay, the entry to the retreat has been designed to mimic the geology of the surrounding caves and cliffs. Entering through the courtyard, guests pass through a sequence of external and internal spaces that provide glimpses of the view that is finally revealed in the dining space. Prone to strong southerly winds, the ground floor southern pavilion has been designed to provide shelter to the courtyard that connects to the internal living space on the western side of the house.

The retreat design is lightweight and can be adapted to a modular construction, which allows for off-site prefabrication to minimise environmental impact. The use of native, local gene pool plant species is planned to ensure the soft landscape is climate sensitive, contextually appropriate and beneficial to wildlife.he showrooms with the facade’s orientation to the western afternoon sun. Using a mixture of large overhangs, screening, and glazing types we successfully reduced the impact of the afternoon sun while still maximising natural light inside.


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