MAUREEN WU | Architect


 Maureen Wu is an Architect at Guymer Bailey Architects and has over a decade of experience in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. With a high level of attention to detail, a meticulous approach to design and an understanding of the importance between the built form and landscape, Maureen is an asset to project teams and delivers high-quality design outcomes. Having worked across multiple sectors including education, community, residential, multi-residential, commercial and corrections, and on national and international projects, Maureen brings insightful and innovative ideas to the design process.

1. What is your favourite food? Hot pot

2. Who is your favourite Architect / Designer? Ando Tadao

3. What do you love most about the design profession? Being creative

4. What are you most afraid of?  Snakes

5. What would you like to do that you haven’t yet? Swim with a dolphin

6. What place is on your bucket list to travel to? Yellow Stone

7. What super power do you wish you had? Time Travel

8. If you weren’t an Architect / L. Architect or Interior designer, what would you be? 
A doctor

9. What is your hobby? Water colour painting

10. What does a perfect day look like to you? Having a day out in the mountain area and have a coffee at lakeside