The Maroochy Arts and Ecology Centre, located at the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens is a specialised arts and ecology interpretative centre that caters for a wide range of commercial and community events including conferences, workshops and art exhibitions.

Designed to inspire current and future generations to expand their knowledge of sustainable living, the Centre showcases green initiatives by mixing both passive design and active systems to allow visitors to witness efficient solar, air and water use

in action. Systems are electronically monitored with data stored on an energy management computer and displayed on LCD screens throughout the Centre as evidence to visitors of ecological sustainability in practice.

The building design gives strong consideration to its setting in the gardens, and has been built on a previously cleared section to minimise ecological disturbance. Its simple structure of raw and durable materials including block work, steel, high durability timber and plywood cladding, ensures a continuous flow from inside spaces, to outdoor courtyards that merge into gardens by natural walls and planting.  In addition to meeting spaces, the Centre includes a resource centre and office for the volunteers that assist the Council to manage and maintain the gardens.


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