Built to accommodate Year Seven students as part of the state government initiative to migrate year seven into high school, the Kimberley College Flexible Learning Area has been designed to foster the College’s progressive teaching philosophy that learning is achieved through curriculum teaching, student collaboration and engagement with the surrounding environment.

The Learning Area’s design reflects this philosophy by combining adaptable indoor learning spaces with flexible outdoor spaces, large enough for full class groups, giving students many varied opportunities for interaction, performance, collaboration and connection to nature.

Located in natural Eucalypt bushland, selective clearing was required for the new build to minimise ecological impact. The remaining trees form the framework for the external landscape spaces. The large Eucalypts that needed to be felled were site sawn into large timer billets that were used in the landscape as seats. The seats have been arranged to create outdoor classroom areas and social spots for students. Lawn areas were kept to a minimum leaving extensive mulch areas that were replanted with plants indigenous to the site. The only lawn area is centrally located and addresses an outdoor timber stage which is used by students for performance sand presentations.


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