The design for the Jindalee Residence takes full advantage of the home’s picturesque setting adjacent to parkland on the Brisbane River. With a north facing view of the river, the home captures natural light, breezes and panoramic views of the river, parklands and gardens to create an idyllic living environment for residents.

These natural living qualities are accentuated by full height glazing and an upper floor plan arranged around a large central void.  These features promote permeability and visibility through the home’s internal spaces and help filter light into the lower level of the home. Stairs rise up through this void to accentuate the river views upon the arrival upstairs.

A large verandah area accessed by large sliding doors strengthens the home’s relationship with the outdoors. When the doors are opened, the internal living areas are converted into a semi-outdoor space. Garden viewing courts have also been created within external building recesses with rooms on the lower level arranged to take advantage of the lush green amenity.


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