Landscape Architecture

Linking natural and built environments

With research continuing to prove that access to green environments can increase cognition, improve mood, boost immunity and lower stress, at Guymer Bailey Landscape we believe landscape architecture is an essential service that is ever-growing in its value for the community and environment. It means the opportunity to create a great first impression for your home, workplace or community. It provides another platform to promote sustainability, balance and well-being for people and nature.

Over the last 30 years, our team have lead the way in sustainable landscape design, building an extensive and award-winning portfolio across a diverse range of sectors including education, community, health, residential, commercial, resorts, justice, transport, and parks and playgrounds.

While our focus is on creating beautiful outdoor areas and gardens, we also identify problem areas and develop a plan to address functional challenges like drainage and overland flow issues, planting design, weed removal, vegetation management, pedestrian and vehicular access and safety concerns that can arise from heights and maintenance issues.

With sustainability at the heart of each project, we plan and design initiatives that are beneficial to the environment, including green infrastructure and water sensitive urban design initiatives to improve the performance of our landscapes and maximise the efficient use of resources and energy. Carefully considering the design of each landscape and the placement and use of trees, shrubs and hedges, we create healthier environments, and more comfortable, safer settings for you to enjoy.

Having a commitment to clients that lasts long after the project is complete, we place a strong emphasis on education, so you understand the philosophy and intent behind the project, and know what is needed for the ongoing care and enjoyment of your new environment.

Working collaboratively with and independently of Guymer Bailey Architects and Guymer Bailey Interiors, we take an integrated approach to landscape architecture, linking natural and built environments and transforming spaces into functional places that add value from an environmental, social and cultural perspective.

Landscape Architecture