The GEO Community Reintegration Centre was delivered in parallel to the Ravenhall Correctional Centre, as an essential component of meeting the rehabilitative aims of the Correctional Centre. The Centre offers released inmates continued access to resources made available when in prison, and assists with their reintegration into the community. This continuum of care extends to accessing the same personnel, with an aim of reducing recidivism in prisoners released from that facility.

A hexagonal motif was employed in timber screens, flooring and fabric patterning, reminiscent of a bee hive – an apt metaphor for the wider community. Honeycomb structures also offer significant strength, and it is hoped these themes are embodied into the function and results of the centre.

The facility offers a variety of meeting and counselling rooms, and some areas where resources such as computers are made available for use. The back of house administration area consists largely of open plan workstations, with a few dedicated offices for senior staff.


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