The landscape design of the Enoggera Park and Ride facility creates a safe, efficient and sustainable public transport facility for commuters, and enhances the natural features of the site through carefully considered planting.

With a focus on commuter safety, low groundcovers and clear trunk trees have been utilised to create clear sightlines throughout the facility, ensuring the landscape design adheres to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. User comfort has also been considered, with native trees giving shade to carpark spaces and commuters waiting for their bus. Taller trees along the road frontage visually screen the car parking areas from the elevated neighbouring properties across the street.

Areas adjacent to Enoggera Creek have been revegetated with native species endemic to the area to assist with bank stabilisation requirements and wildlife habitats. Bioretention basins have been used to improve stormwater quality with native macrophyte plant species and filtering materials used to clean stormwater runoff before it enters the creek ecosystem. Guymer Bailey has also designed an interpretive art display for the facility to educate commuters on the natural history of Brisbane Forest Park and the Enoggera Creek, as well as the role of the Enoggera Reservoir and Water Treatment plant that operated on the site.


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