Melbourne celebrates 30 years of Guymer Bailey!

It’s been a month of celebration here at Guymer Bailey as we mark our 30th anniversary, concluding with two big parties hosted by our Melbourne and Brisbane studios.

The celebrations started in Melbourne with festivities taking place at Mon Bijou on top of the Adelphi Hotel, a fitting venue for a team with a keen interest in “researching roof-top bars” for an upcoming project.

The day began like any other, with meetings, workshops and business continuing as usual. But by the afternoon, the excitement was palpable. As 5.30pm finally rolled around, there was a rush to untangle the lit-up balloons that lined the literal red carpet that lead guests down the laneway and to the entrance of the venue. Soon after, clients, colleagues and guests started to trickle in.

Throughout the evening we enjoyed “Guymer Bailey Green” cocktails as well as delicious finger food, wonderful conversations and an incredibly large, green cake, all by a green-lit swimming pool.

Our MC, Sammy J, comedian and ambassador for the Melbourne studio’s preferred charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia, sprinkled the evening with hilarious words, introduced the directors Kavan and Phil for their speech and entertained us through comedic song.

The night was made even more special for Guymer Bailey as we announced the launch of our Landscape Architecture and Interiors teams in Melbourne, making us an even stronger multi-disciplinary practice across our two studios.

This night was made possible by the strong support provided by our clients and colleagues from inside and outside of the building industry, and of course, our team, who have helped the company grow over the last 30 years.

It was a delight to celebrate this amazing milestone with everyone who has been a part of the Guymer Bailey family, and we sincerely look forward to the next 30 years!

Here’s a quote of Kavan’s speech at the event.

“On behalf of my great mate Phil and I, thank you each for all you do, and for being here tonight to join in celebrating 30 wonderful years. The enormity of Guymer Bailey making it to 30 years has only dawned on me over the last month or two as tonight approached. And, for Phil and I who have both been at Guymer Bailey for 24 of those 30 years it’s both gone in a flash and feels like it’s always been part of our life.

In 1995, when I started at Guymer Bailey we had a team of 16; 13 architectural staff, 1 landscape architect, and 2 admin. It’s incredible now to think we have 73 fabulous team members across our Melbourne and Brisbane studios.

We now have the best team we have ever had, and I genuinely enjoy each day with every individual I get to work with. There is an incredible depth of project leadership with dozens of people that can lead complex projects, supported by a wealth of design and documentation experience.

…To everyone here tonight, thank you for your part in Guymer Bailey’s story. And a special thanks to Vicki for supporting me throughout this GBA journey, and beyond.”
— Kavan Applegate

We’ve included a gallery of photos from the night below, but also check out our Facebook page for more photos, please feel free to tag yourself!