Our Design Approach

At Guymer Bailey Architects, Landscape and Interiors we take a creative yet methodical approach to design. Leveraging the strengths and experience of our team, detailed research and the latest technology, we bring your ideas and values to life through smart, sustainable and scalable architecture and design.

Our Design Ethos

To ensure the best outcome for our clients and consistent levels of excellence in design, we have created a design ethos, an overarching philosophy that guides our approach to every project we undertake.

  • Achieve BALANCE

  • Respect AESTHETICS

  • Protect and enhance NATURE

  • Meet the needs of the COMMUNITY

It is this design ethos that ensures every project we create is:

Client focused

We believe that regular communication between you, key stakeholders and the project team is essential, and that this collaboration along with listening to your needs is the only way to ensure the project is a success.

Design driven

Driven by a deep love of design, our multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach allows us to respond promptly and creatively to your requirements, delivering innovative design concepts that result in functional, flexible and timeless architecture, landscapes and interiors that integrate seamlessly.

Committed to design excellence, we utilise a critique method that allows our whole team to review strategic planning outcomes and designs at critical stages of the project to test ideas, and identify and resolve challenges as they emerge.

Environmentally minded

Designing for a sustainable future is a core part of our organisational philosophy. Drawing on the knowledge from specialist consultants in environmentally sustainable design, we ensure our project design teams integrate creativity with scientific rigour.

Taking into consideration the site’s region, climate, topography and purpose our designs minimise the building footprint, maintenance and running costs through the use of low energy embodied materials, energy efficient systems and sustainable construction techniques.

Socially and culturally sensitive

During the design process, our project team not only considers the physical context of the designs but also examines the social and cultural context. Through every design, we look for ways to inspire positive attitudes, behaviours and emotional responses in people to encourage the responsible use of resources, increase cooperation among occupants, and communicate the value of society and cultural diversity.