The new 150-seat outdoor amphitheatre at David Fleay Wildlife Park provides a dedicated show space that enhances visitors' natural experiences, encourages close encounters with wildlife and facilitates Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) ranger-led interpretive demonstrations, such as free-flight bird or animal shows.

The amphitheatre’s design prioritises the experience of nature in its form, function and materiality. Beautifully crafted artificial rockwork terraces step down the embankment of Moon Dam to create the picturesque amphitheatre setting with spectators shaded by a simple skillion roof form that has three overlapping panels. The roof structure design has been carefully considered to remove the need for cross bracing and strutting, which would endanger birds during free-flight displays. Colour selections help the structure blend into the natural setting by adopting the tones of leaves and bushland shadows.

Artificial rockwork continues on stage and forms a shallow pool, waterfall and ramp up from Moon Dam for aquatic bird species to enter the stage. Artificial rockwork structures at each end of the stage house sound and lighting controls and transportable pet packs for displayed fauna. The stage also incorporates an artificial tree sculpture for use as a perch by showcased birds. The amphitheatre’s setting is completed by the reinstatement of the surrounding gardens using native rainforest and riparian species that blend with the surrounding bushland.


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