Corporate Social Responsibility

Passionate about supporting the community that supports us, and fostering a culture of sustainability and philanthropy through our organisation, at Guymer Bailey we implement an array of green initiatives and support many charities and community events throughout the year.

Green initiatives

In addition to our sustainable approach to architecture, landscape and interiors, we also regularly review our offices to ensure we minimise our environmental footprint. Utilising the EcoBiz accredited framework for benchmarking, the office has achieved a two-star accreditation for an additional 14.7% reduction in energy and 15.9% reduction in waste. We are currently driving initiatives to achieve the final third star in water efficiency for the office.

We are a two-star EcoBiz accredited company

26% reduction in energy

62%reduction in water usage

Guymer Bailey also buys 100% recycled toilet paper and paper towel supplies exclusively from Who Gives a Crap, an organisation that donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. The main focus of their work is funding a range of high impact sanitation, hygiene and water projects in developing countries. This includes providing potable drinking water for villages through bore or rainwater systems.

Empowering the next generation

Guymer Bailey is pleased to be collaborating with Brisbane Catholic Education in developing an integrated approach to sustainability in schools. 

The far-reaching clean energy project that promises significant energy savings has even reached Pope Francis, with a report on one of the Brisbane pilot schools handed out during the “Saving Our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth” conference held in July 2018. You can read more about the project here.

This contribution has also given Director Phil Jackson an opportunity to educate students on sustainability within the classroom – a cause very close to his heart. In Phil's words, “It’s important for schools to lead by example. If we can change the way kids think about environmental stewardship and sustainability, we can make a significant difference to the future of this world.”

Playing a role in prevention

Following Director Kavan Applegate’s mentoring role as a Big Brother, Guymer Bailey has supported Big Brothers Big Sisters for 15 years now. Our work in rehabilitative corrections architecture has taught us that while the best correction facilities are essential, they can never be as good as prevention.

By providing kids with practical mentoring and the relationships they need, we can do our part in keeping them out of these facilities in the first place. In our eyes this is another element in designing a better world, and it is why we love and support the work of Big Brothers Big Sisters so much.

Community events we are involved with

7 Senses Street Day

Our team thoroughly enjoyed participating in 7 Senses Street Day. Supporting their vision to “create healthier and happier neighbourhoods and communities that include people of all abilities and wellness, and cultivate activity and play” we temporarily transformed our Brisbane office’s street frontage into a wonderland for the senses.

7 Senses Street Day

7 Senses Street Day

Guymer Bailey Annual Art Show

Our annual 'Pop-Up' Art Show has become a great annual community tradition that we look forward to promoting and supporting each year. The event showcases the artistic talents and pursuits of our team to raise needed funds for the Hear and Say Centre.

Guymer Bailey Annual Art Show

Guymer Bailey Annual Art Show

Charities we proudly support

At Guymer Bailey we proudly support a variety charities each year these include:

We also support our staff through their own philanthropic endeavours when they choose to participate in fun runs or charity events and donate blood to the Australian Red Cross.