Building Information Modelling (BIM)

There is nothing more exciting than starting a new building project, but one key frustration that both clients and project teams share is the ability to see past the plans to envisage the finished project.

Building Information Modeling or BIM as it's often called is an intelligent 3D digital model-based process that helps architects and other project professionals like engineers and builders better plan, design, construct and manage the infrastructure of your project. It also gives you as a client the ability to visualise what your project will look like to make more informed decisions throughout the design and construction processes.

Recognising both the need and benefit of design optimisation, greater collaboration, faster communication and improved integrated project delivery processes, Guymer Bailey is committed to using BIM through all stages of design and construction.

At the forefront of BIM practice, we have invested in sophisticated tools to support improved building performance and sustainability in our projects. This includes advanced 3D software, coordination and clash detection tools that improve efficiency throughout the design stage to minimise surprises during the construction stage. This is in addition to live Room Data Sheet tools that are fully integrated into the 3D model, and Virtual Reality (VR) tools that help our clients visualise their project in a more realistic experience.

By providing this level of expertise, we can deliver significant quality, time and cost advantages to our clients.

To find out more about Building Information Modelling, contact us today on 07 3870 9700 (Brisbane) or 03 8547 5000 (Melbourne).