Building a better, more sustainable world through architecture

Architecture has a way of defining us. The streets, buildings, walls and materials that surround you can impact how you view yourself and the community and environment around you. Whether it has been designed to keep in, or draw in, architecture provides brief snapshots in time, and when done well leaves a legacy, not only for the current occupants but also for those who are yet to come.

Architecture not only shelters our living, working, learning, worship and recreation spaces, but it also assembles a language that speaks to the public and its users. This language, or aesthetics of architecture, speaks of prestige and modesty, balance and proportion, culture and time, and our place in history. It also embodies environmental appropriateness and the sustainable use of energy and climate to create comfortable environments that also leave a legacy, not only for the current occupants but also for those who are yet to come.

With over three decades experience in delivering award-winning, elegant, functional and sustainable designs Guymer Bailey Architects has a diverse range of project experience across the corrections, justice, health, education, community, residential, commercial, resorts and transport sectors.

Taking genuine delight in getting to know each of our clients, we listen, extracting complicated briefs from stakeholders to combine your project needs with our industry insight and design nous, to deliver outcomes that meet budgets and exceed expectations.

This collaborative, client-focused approach, along with the belief that great architecture and design should be accessible to everyone, has given us the opportunity to work on small and large projects with returning, and now multigenerational clients.

With a strong belief in the importance of sustainability through architecture, our designs focus on ways to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment and lessen the building footprint. Taking into consideration the orientation of buildings for natural light and ventilation, the use of energy efficient materials, the ability to capture water and generate power, we can design architecture that is not only distinguished, but also produces savings for years to come.

Working collaboratively with and independently of Guymer Bailey Landscape and Guymer Bailey Interiors, we can provide you with a fully integrated approach to architecture and design, and ensure harmony across all areas of your project.

Build a legacy worth leaving, talk to the Guymer Bailey Architects Brisbane or Melbourne team today on either 07 3870 9700 (Brisbane) or 03 8547 5000 (Melbourne).

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