ANDREW GREIG | Associate


“Architecture is for me is an all-encompassing experience that facilitates and enriches our lives, it should engage us and be interactive but not dictate. I believe the practices to create these places and spaces should be in-tune with the natural environment and fulfil our obligations to create a more sustainable world. Being at the forefront and leading by example to inspire is important for each and every project we do.”

Specialising in environmentally sustainable design, Andrew is known for his attention to detail and love of managing complex projects. With more than 15 years’ experience in architecture, Andrew has had extensive experience in leading government projects of varying scales from inception to completion. Completing his thesis in property development and feasibility, Andrew believes that a successful project incorporates both quality architectural design and financial feasibility considerations.

As the Environmental Manager at Guymer Bailey and a Green Star Accredited architect, Andrew helps us minimise operational costs and environmental impact through our designs, and has been the project architect on many commercial, residential, multi-residential, correctional, judicial, education and community projects.


1. Who is your favourite Architect / Designer? Richard Meier, his attention to detail and play with natural light is inspiring

2. What do you love most about the design profession? I love the way we can change the way people feel about spaces and the environment. Hopefully positive changes or challenge the user to think beyond the status quo

3. What professional skill do you most admire in someone? Organisation and an aptitude for listen and learning. In this profession we never stop learning

4. What’s your favourite building and/or landscape design? Calatrava’s City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia. The seamless integration of architectural design and structural engineering is what makes this project an outstanding timeless design

5 If you weren’t an Architect / L. Architect or Interior designer, what would you be? Furniture designer; would be a challenge in itself and a creative mind would be needed

6. What is your most valuable professional quality? My project management skills suit me well, I enjoy delving into a project to get the best out of it in all facets

7. If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be? To witness an ancient civilisation like the Greeks, Mayans or Egyptians and how they developed their civilisation and architecture without modern technology. Although slavery and oppression common in those time is not something I would like to witness