The 7 Senses Street Day display was an entry in a design competition that aimed to find ways to improve underutilised spaces in our cities. The design, applied to a case-study suburban street, intended to engage the seven human senses to reclaim the street from cars and give it back to its residents.

The 7 Senses Street showcases ideas and design interventions that are sustainable, flexible, adaptable, multigenerational and cost effective. It also proves that when design appeals to our seven senses, it not only improves the accessibility of our neighbourhoods but also greatly enhances the liveability and daily enjoyment for all residents.

It is hoped that the 7 Senses Street Day will be an exemplar to other communities on how they can reclaim their street and build a culture of true inclusion.

Guymer Bailey decided to undertake its own Seven Senses Street Day on the street verge outside our Brisbane office. It was a free event for the local neighbourhood to attend with their children so they could explore their seven senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, vestibular & proprioception) outdoors. 

Learn more about the 7 Senses Foundation.


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